Thursday, February 02, 2012

I Love to Read Month

February is I Love to Read Month at RBCS
Each week students and staff will be focusing on one of the 5Ws of Reading:

WHY Feb. 1-3
Why do you read? For relaxation? Entertainment? To learn new things?

WHO Feb. 6-10
Who reads to you?
Who do you read? (Favorite authors)

WHAT Feb. 13-17
What genres do you read?
What do you read? Magazines?  Newspapers? Cartoons? Cereal boxes?

WHERE Feb. 21-23
Where do you read?  Bed? Couch? Floor? Comfy chair? Bathtub?

WHEN Feb. 27-29
When do you read?  Before bed, before school, during DEAR?

Students are encouraged to bring photos, lists, stories, and pictures from home to share on the designated bulletin board for grades 4-6.  If you would like to e-mail a picture for me to print, please send it to

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