Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Healthy Heart Party

We did this party because it was Valentine’s Day and we want to have healthy hearts with the grade six Johnson. So we went to the gym and played Dodge Ball in the mini gym with Mrs. Johnson running it with Mrs. Dickens, then in the big gym Mrs. Naylor was running floor hockey and Ms. Johnson was running soccer but we split the big gym in half and we went Tuesday afternoon.

My team lost every game and the dodge ball was different because if you got hit you had to go to the other side and you had to catch a big white ball.

Then we came back at recess then went outside for 15 min. When 15 minutes was up we came in side and started to hand out our Valentines. After that we ate some delouses snacks and they were fruit and vegetables. I think most of us covered our fruit with the YUMMY dip and some of us got candy grams with suckers and we went home.

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