Thursday, December 08, 2011

If Polar Bears Could Talk, What Would They Say?

Here is our bulletin board display and some samples of our posters.


Gingerbread Glyphs

Grade 4 Naylor made ginger bread glyphs and they’re gingerbread men and they are decorated.  There’s  squiggleylines, all sorts of decoractoins. If you were 10 you had to have 3 buttons, and if you were 9 you had to have 2 buttons and if you were 8 you had to have 1 button. If you were going out of town for Christmas you had to cut off 1 leg of your gingerbread man. If you were staying in town then you could just leave it. We had the eyes and the nose in a sticker book so we just picked some out of the book. Some of the eyes had eyelashes on them. Some were circleyish and some were just plain eyes and some were tiny winzy. Some were plain but they were hudge.
By Anna lies

Red day

Our school was wearing red for Aids Awareness and the class that was wearing the most red would win a pizza party! So our class was trying to have the most red and a lot of other classes had a lot of red and every buddy had their fingers crossed that we would win.  They took the picture of us, every buddy looked so nervous and on the next day after we sang O’ Canada the announcements said the class that had the most school spirit was grade 4 Naylor and every buddy was so excited and every buddy was like we won!! We will have our pizza party on December 22 for our Christmas party.   
By Madison McIntyre