Thursday, November 24, 2011

Polar Bears need our help

Our class has been studying the effects of global warming on Polar Bears, specifically in Churchill, Manitoba as it ties in with the Social Studies curriculum in grade 4: "The North" and "Living in Manitoba", as well as a Science unit "Habitats and Communities". 
First we watched the live webcasts done by a group of people visiting Churchill.  The webcasts can be found at Check them out for yourselves! We also followed Andy McKiel's blog of his visit to Churchill.

There was one blog post in particular that tugged at our heartstrings and made us want to help the polar bears too!  It is called "If Polar Bears could talk" and here is the picture.
The class is working on a bulletin board display of how WE can help the Polar Bears.  A picture will be added soon.

Coca-Cola also has a Save the Polar Bears initiative and you can check out their website to see what they are doing as well.  

-Mrs. Naylor

Polar Bears

We watched a video about polar bears on the blog Then we learned more stuff about polar bears and wrote all the stuff the we learned off the polar bear video on a piece of loose leaf. Then we all picked a fact that we liked the most about polar bears and we wrote it on a sentence strip then we hung it up in the classroom. Then we made a bulliton board with the sentence   strips.  Some of the things we learned about polar bears are that human pullution is not  good for the  polar bears and we have to stop global warming because we’re worried that the polar bears won’t have a place to live.

We read the book Winston of Churchill and the aurthers name is Jean Davie Okimoto and it is illustrated by Jeremiah Trammel.  In the book we learned about a polar bear named Winston and the ice was melting and they needed to stop global warming so they could have something to eat and a place to live  so the pack of polar bears held a protest and they came back with the victory  sign.

By Anna 

Tales of the Fourth Grade Nothing diaoramas

We started making diaoramas for novle study. Wemade them out of clay, paint, string, paper, and magisiens. We had to show a scene of something in the book “Tales of the Fourth Grade Nothing” by Judy Blume.  The book was about Peter and how his brother annoys him all the time. We used shoe boxes and other cardboard boxes to make the dioramas. We put the diaoramas in the downstairs display shelf for everyone to see. Come check them out!
By Torin