Thursday, February 23, 2012

Science Fair

The car from Ethan and Justin's project

We had to present our science fair project to the class on February 15, 16, and 21 in the afternoon. Students had to bring all their work to the classroom. We started working on the Science Fair Jan. 19. It was exciting to see people present their work to us. Students did all kinds of science fair projects like this one: Can Raisins Swim?

 February 22 was the real Science Fair. Only 3 students from our class got 1st place

 and they are Justin and Ethan, and Kadence. The 2nd place students are Anna and Abby, and Madison. The 3rd place students are Carson L. and Ronnie, and Blake.

Kadence presenting her project

Anna and I with our project
By Abby

Spaghetti Lunch

The spaghetti lunch was awesome! The whole school went to the lunch on February 1. Every one waited their turn to get food at the booth. The food at the booth was spaghetti, meatballs, tomato sauce, bread, and cookies.  They were all good! We had the lunch in the gym because it had the most room. The most Patient class was 2Tardiff so they got extra gym, but got to eat last!  Taylor c. ate the spaghetti with her hands and most of the people at my table ate with a fork at least. Then students sat with their class and after we ate we watched the RBCS Core Values slide show.
By Kadence

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

World Spelling and Math Day

World Spelling Day is March 6 and World Math Day is March 7.  Students can sign in using their Mathletics logins and passwords to practice before then.  We will be practicing during two of our Math classes this week as well.

Good Friends

The class has been learning about Friendship in Health.  Students brainstormed what being friends means to them and how it looks.  They even made and signed a contract that hangs in the classroom. This is what good friends do according to 4Naylor!
Good friends…
Can tell what you need before you tell them. –Mrs. Naylor
Share stuff – Albert
Help us reach our goal-Rylan
Encourage us to do what we want-Hannah     
Congratulate us on a good mark –Anna
Help each other-Nathaniel
Cheer for you-Ethan
Help you when you are hurt or have cut or scrape- carson l.
 Cheer you up when you feel sad-faith
Help us Paige.
Help you when you need it-Ronnie
A good friend is not judgmental-Blake Lahonen
Talk to you when your sad-Abby
Like us for who we are. Justin
Are respectful to us – kylie bezo
Care and  support you -Carson T
Here is our Friendly contract

Good Friends Don't

In our Health unit, students have studied Friendship. This is what good friends don't do!

Good friends don’t…

Make you do things you don’t want to do. –Mrs. Naylor

Beat you beat you up- Gunner

Good friends don’t tell lies –Albert

Make fun of you-Hannah

Call you stupid- Rylan

Talk behind your back and tell lies about you that aren’t true-Anna


Talk behind your back-Ethan

Talk behind your back and give bad advice -CARSON L.





Push or shove-Ronnie

Ditch you and leave you alone-Blake

Lie to you-Abby

Leave you out-kylie bezo

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Healthy Heart Party

We did this party because it was Valentine’s Day and we want to have healthy hearts with the grade six Johnson. So we went to the gym and played Dodge Ball in the mini gym with Mrs. Johnson running it with Mrs. Dickens, then in the big gym Mrs. Naylor was running floor hockey and Ms. Johnson was running soccer but we split the big gym in half and we went Tuesday afternoon.

My team lost every game and the dodge ball was different because if you got hit you had to go to the other side and you had to catch a big white ball.

Then we came back at recess then went outside for 15 min. When 15 minutes was up we came in side and started to hand out our Valentines. After that we ate some delouses snacks and they were fruit and vegetables. I think most of us covered our fruit with the YUMMY dip and some of us got candy grams with suckers and we went home.

A Day on The Sliding Hill

On February 2 our whole class and six Johnson went to Kinsmen Park to slide. There was a ramp and every one tride to hit it, well, mostly everyone. Mrs. Naylor did not want to hit it at all. We went over the ramp because you would go flying! We went there because we couldn’t go to the ski lodge, someone else booked it. When we got back we had some fruit and vegetables. It was an awesome day!

By Ronnie

Monday, February 06, 2012

The Bomber Game

On the Friday Jan. 27 the Bombers came in and gave us Bomber tickets and I asked for them to sign a piece of paper so they signed it and Mrs. Naylor went and got them photocopied. 

We made posters for the Bombers but we do wonder if the other team got mad. They stock there tong out at us. 

At the game there was Taylor C., Madison, Abby, Paige, Anna, Ronnie, Justin, Carson L., Isabella, Blake, Mrs. Naylor, Noel, Faith, and Lexsey where there. We had tones of fun. We got candy and drinks, and we held our signs against the windows. But there was a tiny problem ….the Bombers lost 7 to 2!

ByTaylor C.

Thursday, February 02, 2012

I Love to Read Month

February is I Love to Read Month at RBCS
Each week students and staff will be focusing on one of the 5Ws of Reading:

WHY Feb. 1-3
Why do you read? For relaxation? Entertainment? To learn new things?

WHO Feb. 6-10
Who reads to you?
Who do you read? (Favorite authors)

WHAT Feb. 13-17
What genres do you read?
What do you read? Magazines?  Newspapers? Cartoons? Cereal boxes?

WHERE Feb. 21-23
Where do you read?  Bed? Couch? Floor? Comfy chair? Bathtub?

WHEN Feb. 27-29
When do you read?  Before bed, before school, during DEAR?

Students are encouraged to bring photos, lists, stories, and pictures from home to share on the designated bulletin board for grades 4-6.  If you would like to e-mail a picture for me to print, please send it to