Monday, February 06, 2012

The Bomber Game

On the Friday Jan. 27 the Bombers came in and gave us Bomber tickets and I asked for them to sign a piece of paper so they signed it and Mrs. Naylor went and got them photocopied. 

We made posters for the Bombers but we do wonder if the other team got mad. They stock there tong out at us. 

At the game there was Taylor C., Madison, Abby, Paige, Anna, Ronnie, Justin, Carson L., Isabella, Blake, Mrs. Naylor, Noel, Faith, and Lexsey where there. We had tones of fun. We got candy and drinks, and we held our signs against the windows. But there was a tiny problem ….the Bombers lost 7 to 2!

ByTaylor C.

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