Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Don't Stand By, Stand Up!

Last week was Anti Bullying Week and RBCS did a lot of talking about bullying.  We learned how important it is to stand up to bullies, how to do that, and even shared how we ourselves have been bullied/bullies ourselves.

Our class watched many videos and commercials about bullying, and took a pledge to Stand Up Against Bullying. You can find the pledge here.

We ended the week off with an assembly organized by Student Council.

Friday, November 09, 2012

Bomber Buddies at the Whitney Forum

The Bombers and their buddies went to the Bomber dressing room on Thursday.  There was my Bomber buddy Dylan #17, Cam #19, Brock #25, and Danys #18. There was my brother Dylan, Colson, Zack D., Zack C., Jordan, William, Curtis, and I from Ruth Betts. From McIsaac there was Jordan S., Bryson, Austan, Craig. We got to tour the dressing room and got to rool up the mat. We even  got to  go in the coaches office! We put the nets in place and got a mini stick to keep the first teams who played are Austan  ,Jordan. s Bryson , Dylan, Jordan. M, Curtis, the second teams are Zack C ,Zach D, William, Craig , and I. When we were done we put on a jersey and got our piture taken by the coach.

By Ricky
The Bombers and all their buddies went to the Whitney Forum on Thursday.  We played ministicks and ate pizza in the Bomber room. On my ministick team was Ricky, Colson, and Dylan. We won both games. We had cheese and pepperoni pizza with G2 to drink. The reason for this party was to have fun and meet everyone.
By Zach

Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Home Roots Concert

On November 1 we got to watch a Home Roots concert, where two brothers played there acoustic guitar and electric guitar in the Music room.  The grade 8s, 4N and 4Z clapped and stomped to the beat of the music. We all had fun at the Home Roots concert. The two people were brothers but they didn’t look alike. There were lots of songs.  One of them was called “Ontar-i-o”.  We hope that you will get to see them too.  If you get to see them you will have lots of fun.

By Joie

Thursday, November 01, 2012