Tuesday, June 19, 2012

What We Love About Grade 4

I asked the students to share their favorite thing about grade 4 this year and this is what they said:

My Favorite Part of Grade 4:
Is when we went to our sliding party and we slid for a half an hour -Ethan
Is when we got to make Charlie and the Chocolate factory picher -Paige
Is when we got to go to swimming lessons -Hannah 
When I made a friend -Carson Buadais
When we had swimming lessons -faith
When we got to play in the mini gym and big gym -Taylor.b
When we read the lightning thieth -Ronnie
When we read The Boxcar Children -Justin
Is when I preformed in a play for drama club -Madison
Is when I got to have an award and sit in the Reading Nook -blake
Is when we made Charlie and the chocolate factory pictures out of charcoal – Abby
When I get to be the Kangaroo kid-Anna
When I get to help Mrs. Naylor-Rylan
When we got to learn about habitats in social studies – Gunner
When we started writing poems ~ Haley
When we got to do math even though it was hard -kadence
Is when I performed on stage in front of the school and in front of lots of families. -Carson L.
When we read a lot of cool books -Isabella
When we do art-Kylie
My favorite thing was getting the lead part in Holka Polka: A Fairy Tale Mystery I played Brenda, and I loved having a teacher that looks like a super model – Taylor Christiansen   (:
We had an ice cream party and Mrs. Naylor got me sugarless ice cream because I can’t have sugar. -Torin
When we have math- Nathaniel
When we do art and when we did math board questions -samantha

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