Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Summer Plans

What are your summer plans?
Mrs. Naylor- I am planning/attending my ten year high school reunion, my best friend and her one month old baby are coming to visit me from Rocanville, SK, and I am looking forward to relaxing by the lake, and doing more house renovations this summer (okay, I’m not looking forward to this part). 
Paige-My summer plans are going camping with my cousin’s .I am also going fishing and going to the beach.
Taylor B. -My summer plans are I am going to my dads on July 15 my birthday is on July 17 then when I come back I am going to Negara falls for a week and chill out for the rest  the rest of the time left.
Hannah- My summer plans are to go camping at Bakers Narrows with my family and in September I get to go to a wedding.
Anna- My summer plans are  going camping and seeing my Uncle Phil and his baby then were going to my favorite cousins  weding then where home and ill be at my grandmas swimming an tubing in are new boat .
Rylan- My summer plans are that I’m going to goalie schools and I am also going camping out at the bakers and narrows campground with my family (Goalie school is way better) J
Blake- this summer I am going to a new hockey camp in Brandon  at the hockey camp I get  to see the Brandon Wheat Kings I am also going camping  at Bakers Narrows then my family and I are going out of town but I don’t know were
Gunner – this summer I won’t be doing much. I will be moving to P.A  hopefully so that’s pretty much it.
Carson Baudais-I will be on a series sk8 mition  and will dominate
Abby-I’m going to go to Simonhousebiblecamp this summer on August 5 with Isabella and I hope no pinchers bite me wish me good luck! J
CarsonL-lm moving to Thomson this summer I think its going to be fun their J
Haley ChisholmJ- for my summer holiday I’m probably going to be hanging out with friends, going to little cliff and learning how to skateboard a little bit betterJ  SamanthaJ- for the summer am going to my dad  to see hem to visit  then am going to the P.A   to visit my sister and her baby  Selene J.

Ronnie- On my summer holidays I am going to Edmonton with my grandma and grandpa. They are really nice.
Kylie- In the summer I’m going camping, on trips to places, and going on a houseboat.
Madison-I’m going to my grandmas house and I’m going to meat my friends Randy and Casey at the fair and im also going to my grandmas cabin and going to the beach and having my birthday .
Kadence- This summer I’m going to bc and Kamloops
Faith -I’m going camping
Ethan-I am going swimming and going out of town
Justin-I don’t really know what I’m doing-Justin   

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