Thursday, January 26, 2012

Mini Sticks Tournament

The Mini Sticks Tournament was an event for the Student Council grades 4 to 6 on January 26. My name is Ethan and my team mates were Carson, Blake, and  Rylan.  For the mini sticks ternament we went against Keltin, Tcee, and  Zack.  We won the game 6 to 0, then we went against Makinzie’s team next. We won the game then we went against Richard’s team where we lost 2 to 1, but we had to beat three more so we had to vs richard’s team  again and we won it 5 to 0.  Then Tcee’s team and we beat them! Then it was Trenton’s team and we beat them too!  Rylan’s goals added up to 20 goals, I got only 1, Carson got 1, and Blake got 18 goals.  That’s how we got in first place and won the tournament!
By Ethan

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