Thursday, January 24, 2013

Extra Science

We got to do Science with Mr. Trevor at Hapnot Collaiget yesterday.  At 3:45 we caught a bus. There were 10 people:  4 grade 4s, 4 grade 5s, 2 grade 6s. The helper’s name was Brett.
We learned about the eye.
We learned about needing safety goggles.
What pertecs your eyes? Eye lids, eye lashes, eye brows, blink, tears, skull.
We learned about wear every thing in your eye is.
Mr. Trevor was talking about an elephant that didn’t have enough tooth paste so he put some stuff in a water bottle and he made red and blue tooth paste.
Then some of us took the bus back to the school and some walked home.

By Joie and Jayden

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