Thursday, September 29, 2011

What the grade four class likes most about RBCS

I like we can use markers in art. -Albert
I like when I get to see my friends. -Paige
My favorit thing is library.  -Madison
My favorite thing is gym. -Kadence
My faverrit thing is gym because i like to play alot. -Ethan
I like cominig here because its fun at gym. -Carson L.
I like recess and gym. -Keenan
I Love music because we have the best music teacher (Miss Unrau) -Torin
My favorite thing about ruth betts comunity school is math. -Nathaniel
They have 2 gyms. -Taylor B.
The Teachers rock.  -Carson T.
Ruth Betts is awsome cause we have nice teachers and we have fun. -Blake
My favorit thing about RBCS is snack. -Justin
I like Ruth Betts School because our computers are bigger than other school's computers. -Rylan
My favorite thing about rbcs is the BBQ at the end of the year. -Ronnie
I like R.BS because the computer lab is my Favorite place. -Anna
I like RBS because it has a Terry Fox walk every year. -Hannah
My favrot thing at rbcs is sunrise gym. -Faith
My favorite thing is that i have a teacher that should be a model. -Taylor C.
My favorite thing about RBCS is the pancake breakfast. -Abby
I like all the nice teachers in Ruth Betts. -Isabella
I like silent reading. -Samantha
The thing I like best about RBCS is the one of a kind students! -Ms. Lindsay
The best part of Ruth Betts Community School is the wonderful students I get to teach! -Mrs. Naylor

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